Nathanael-Osirius Woggon

This is me.

Welcome to my little world.
Nathanael-Osirius Woggon

Hey, I’m Nathanael-Osirius. But feel free to call me “Natha” or “Nathan”.

I guess people would call me an entrepreneur, freelancer, or an author. But actually I’m just trying to find ways to achieve my goals and live a happy life.

For now, this website is basically just a work-in-progress thing. You won’t find a lot here, because I’m way too busy with other things I have to do.

My current work

My WordPress agency. We build websites and online shops for small and local businesses.

Please visit this website for any business inquiries.

We build different brands with the goal to create products which bring joy to your life.

Anyway, just contact me via email and I will try my best in answering as quickly as I can. No promise on how long it will take.

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