Nathanael-Osirius Woggon

This is me.

Welcome to my little world.

I believe that empathy, combined with sharing our knowledge and supporting each other unconditionally, is the way to change the world and make it a better place for everyone.
Spread love and happiness – the world needs more of it!

Nathanael-Osirius Woggon

Who am I?

Hey, I’m Nathanael-Osirius. But you are welcome to call me “Natha” or “Nathan”.

I guess people would call me an entrepreneur, freelancer, or an author. But actually, I’m just trying to find ways to achieve my goals and live a happy life.

What I’m up to

Besides working in a job which I truly enjoy, especially because of my amazing colleagues (), I’m also running my own business(es). I love the entrepreneurial part of my life because I can constantly learn and try out new things, which will bring me closer to my goals.

Lately I’m interested in how to use modern technology, such as automation, to improve one’s lives – without technology taking over our lives.

The main topics I’m currently learning about:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Using this technology, to find new ideas or quickly create things I’d like to try out
  • EDC stuff: Small tools and gadgets, which help me in everyday life
  • Watches: Especially automatic watches because I love the movement of it
  • Automating my finances: Automatically split my income into several categories, to invest constantly, and not worry about expenses

My life outside the online world

When I’m not working, I love to be outside walking around the city (barefoot) and spending time in nature, while watching the people around me and thinking about life.

When I’m home, I enjoy preparing tasty espresso with my manual espresso machine, and learning to play the guitar. This is my way to balance out the time I spend behind my laptop.

And what about this website?

For now, this website is basically just a work-in-progress thing. You won’t find a lot here because I’m far too busy with other things I have to do.

Anyway, just contact me via email and I will try my best in answering as quickly as I can. No promise on how long it will take.

Or find me online

I’m not very active on social media though